The George – Mountain ash was once called The Cresselly Arms until it was purchased in the winter of 2013 by the current owners of The George in Upper Cwmtwrch. The food, although similar is a more modern take on the very popular Upper Cwmtwrch restaurants menu. The George restaurant in Cwmtwrch is known for its homely, welcoming atmosphere and we have continued that theme in the Mountain Ash restaurant, only with more modern styling throughout the building.Front page owners




The first mention of the property being used as a licensed property was on 1871 census where a person was named licensee. This was a few years after the Nixon Navigation colliery was opened, the licensed house was used by many a miner at the end of a shift. The venue is situated between two old land marks of Mountain Ash.

These would be the old canal which is now the new Cardiff road, the canal was filled in in 1933 for the new road. The other land mark is the Nixon Navigation collery which is now a green site oposite The George. The building has gone through a number of name changes before becoming what it is today, The George, part of a family run group of venues.
The George under previous names has been part of many pictures of the Cresselly crossing and the steam engines that used to service all collerys up and down the Rhondda Cynon valley. The venue was a favourite of many steam engine enthusiasts as they watched the trains passing by. The George has brought something different like no other in Mountain Ash, for those special nights out, weddings, birthday partys etc.
The George Mountain Ash is now managed by David Acton and Rhys Williams
Head Chef
Our Head Chef at The George Mountain Ash is Adrian Abbey. Adrian is very talented with over 16 years experience, including a duration at our sister pub The George Cwmtwrch. Adrian’s exciting career began training alongside renowned chef Neil Rochard.


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